Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Curing Autism through Naturopathy

Autism could be defined as the range of conditions which challenges an individual with social skills, repetitive behaviour, speech and non-verbal communication. There are variations in which autistic people suffer and such variations make Autism a spectrum condition. There are numerous difficulties that a person suffering from Autism may face, such as, Learning disabilities, Mental Health Disabilities, Social Skills Difficulties, Communication difficulties, among other things. The difficulties need to be learned about and then an approach needs to be developed.

Autism is a common, in fact 1 among 100 peoples suffer from the same. There is a need to learn about the problem and solve it because Autistic people are generally misunderstood in the social situations. They may be perceived as being Naughty and are generally misunderstood. Numerous campaigns are organised to drive a change among the masses. A timely diagnosis may help in making people understand the about the autistic people and develop strategies to support them.
There are various strategies and methods which may be adopted to enable sufferer of Autism to Learn and develop just like a normal human. There might be variations, however proper treatment might make their life easy and affect their behaviours, activities or interests in a significant way. One such treatment approach is employed through Naturopathy. 

According to the manifesto of British Naturopathic Association, “Naturopathy blends scientific knowledge and traditional form of medicine to heal the cause by employing the natural ability of body to heal itself.” Naturopathy focuses on healing the cause instead of suppressing it, this approach makes naturopathy an ideal way of treatment to remove the cause by root. It is believed that chronic diseases occur due to suppression of Acute diseases, which is why Naturopathy deals with physical, mental, social and spiritual at the same time thereby healing whole of the body. There are several things which need to be there in order to treat Autism such as rapport with the patient, Becoming child’s friend, involving in physical activity, following a naturopathic diet, and practising Yoga regularly among other things. Employing these methods may improve the conditions by up to 30% in a short span of time. 

Naturopathic Medicine treatment focuses on nutritional, metabolic, and environmental and immune system imbalances and correcting them. There are different variations in different patient and naturopathy focuses on tailoring the treatment according to the requirements of the patients.

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