Monday, 26 March 2018

All things about Autism you need to know

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disability that causes the disturbance in mind due to the mental development disorder in patients. This usually manifests itself as social communication difficulties and teacher development lags. Autism may occur at the age of three.

What are the different types of autism?

There are five types of autism spectrum disorders:

1.       Asperger Syndrome - This is the mildest form of autism. This is a serious problem with individual objects or topic features. When they become obsessed, they will try to study all things related to the object, and they will not stop the discussion for a long time. Men are more prone to symptoms. Autism treatment is possible. You can search for the clinics online that cure child with the autism symptoms and people who find it later what the exact problem they are facing.
2.       Rett Syndrome - This is a neurodevelopmental disorder in the brain that affects not only people's social skills but also their physical characteristics. It is characterized by small hands and feet, slow growth, repeated body movements. People affected by this syndrome do not have the language skills.
3.       Diffuse Developmental Disorder - This autism spectrum diagnosis is a middle ground between the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and autism. This means that the affected people are not as well as patients with Asperger's syndrome, but not as bad as people with autism.
4.       Children's split barriers - This disease is very rare. It is characterized by the normal stop development. A person with a childhood disintegration develops at a normal speed in the early years and stops at one point. Suddenly stopping development made them lose most of their functions.
5.       Autistic disorder- this type autism disorder includes the mental retardation and seizures. People with autistic shows the symptoms by repeating the same words again and again and also they repeat the same movement.

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