Friday, 25 May 2018

Types of Autism and Their Sign and Symptoms

There are three types of autism. Those are mentioned below

Asperger Syndrome- People who have Asperger Syndrome have mild symptoms of ASD. People with this syndrome face social challenges and they have got unusual interests and their behavior is also different from others. Though they do not have a problem in communicating either have an intellectual disability.

Autistic Disorder- This disorder is also known as a classic disorder. Many people have wrong thinking with the classic autism. If anyone has an autistic disorder, they start language delay and face many challenges during the communication socially. They have some typical unusual behavior. Some people have an intellectual disability too.

Pervasive Developmental disorder- This autism is also known as atypical autism. In the time of autism treatment, many people meet the criteria of Asperger syndrome and autistic disorder sometimes fail to meet other criteria which can diagnose in Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The might cause social challenges and communications too.

Signs And Symptoms

Autism may begin before 3 years and will last a lifetime. This disorder cannot be a cure, but with the proper autism can be the cure to some extent, like behavior and languages can be improved, but fully cure is not possible. Children who have ASD the start giving a sign in the first few months of their life. Many others the symptoms do not show up to 24 months. Some children who have autism, they behave normally up to 24 months, and then they stop learning and start losing those skills which they learn earlier.
•    Children with ASD may not respond by their name when they complete 1 year.
•    Do not play normal games like others.
•    Always want to stay alone
•    Avoid eye contact
•    Facing problem to understand another feeling
•    They start learning language and speech in delay
•    They repeat the same word again and again
•    A person with ASD get upset with slight changes

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